IVR Provider

Our IVR Service / Virtual Receptionist Service greets your caller with your Company Welcome Message and creates your company brand image even before he/she starts talking to your company representative. 

How our IVR Service actually works ?

Anyone who calls on your Business Number will first listen a personalized Welcome Message (Eg : Welcome to ABC Company, We are leading IT Solution Provider) and post welcome message it will play list of your extension options (Eg - Dial 1 : For Sales Department , Dial 2 : For Accounts Department , Dial 3 : For Marketing Department ....... Dial 9 : For Other Services and Dial 0 : To Leave a Voice Message). And based upon extension option selected by caller your incoming call will be automatically routed instantly to mobile or land-line phone mapped to that extension. And post call completed acknowledgment SMS will also be send to caller phone. (Eg: Thank You for contacting us. To know more visit us at www.bazaarsms.in)

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